August 11, 2017

When Outstanding Photography Meets Vision

I'm thrilled to have linked to a remarkable photographer today, Karolina Trapp! Karolina is astoundingly talented. Her voice is original and unique. She is an absolute inspiration!

I am totally and utterly in love with Karolina Trapp's photography and...
I've always admired her dedication and passion for her work. It is impossible not to fall in love with her images; once you look at her photographs you will know from that very moment that you will be a fan of her captivating photography.

Karolina Trapp is a Polish-Australian street photographer currently based in Seattle, USA. She is strongly drawn to mysterious and lyrical aspects of everyday life. Her work has been featured in international photography press and exhibited in Germany and Poland.  

Trapp masterfully combines shadow and light to create eye-catching BW Street photos. Black and white is definitely one of Trapp's specialties, along with color street photography.

Check out Karolina Trapp's Website to view her lovely work. Her Portofolio will tempt you to spend more than a few minutes on her site. 

Karolina, thank you so much. We are so lucky to have you out there.