May 06, 2010

Things I Love

                                     Medieval buildings reflected in the canal. Gant, Belgium.                                     
                                     "Haunted" houses. Bruges, Belgium.
                                     Peaceful swans love to glide...
                                     Today is no special day; I have no news to tell you, or any
                                      problems to discuss with you. But I'd like to share these thoughts
                                      with you dear readers.
                                     There are four things I'm most passionate about that I could not
                                      live without.
                                      I absolutely love them like a fat kid loves cake!
                                      I adore:
                                      My favourite music.
                                      Watching movies.
                                      Long-distance walks.

                                      What are the four things you love?

                                     Now if you feel like your ears have been lacking wonderful music
                                     and lyrics,check this clip out; "She's always a woman to me"
                                     by Billy Joel.
                                     Perfect music and symbolic lyrics.
                                     (Sorry male blog friends, no offence intended!).

                                     I so love this song. I've got it stuck in my head actually. xx


Trac~ said...

Wow - I LOVE these beautiful pictures! And especially the Haunting Houses - I would LOVE to visit a haunted house - I love those kinds of things! :o) I hope you have a wonderful day today! There is an award waiting for you over at my blog so be sure and check it out today. Big hugs my friend! :o) xoxoxo

5thsister said...

I so want to be along a walk with you in your beautiful city!

ritsa said...

Beautiful photographs!
The three things I love are:Music, music, music ;)

sonia said...

These neat pics made me wish I could travel to Brussels. Awesome song!!

....Petty Witter said...

You beat me to it, I also love this song and mention it in a post yet to be published. Used in an insurance company advert here in England, the lyrics are beautiful.

I love the photo of those houses, so quaint.

Alely L. said...

love the photos and i love photography too!

Brisbane Baker said...

Amazing photos. I do l love to take pictures also. They aren't that great, but I love taking snaps of random things :)

Naturedigital said...

Good morning Betty..
Beautiful photographs and love your music also.
The houses in second photograph really look like haunted.
Wondering how it would be at night.
Have a great day.

Journaling Woman said...

Betty, May I love the things you love, because I DO. I think we (you and I) may be what I call artsy. We see art (art-see) in everything. I love music, photography, art and travelling. And I love my bloggy friends!

ruma2008 said...

Reflections such as a beautiful mirror.
Thank you for showing a wonderful landmark architecture.

From the Far East.
Best regards.

Nikki said...

Such beautiful pictures!!! love them!! I love watching movies with a glass of red wine, or waking up really early and having a chai at the lakehouse and sitting with martin and talking without any car honks:)

Miel Abeille said...

Gorgeous photos! I can see how you love them.

English Rose ♥ said...

Belgium looks GORGEOUS!!

Merci beaucoup for all your wonderful comments and continued support darling, it means the absolute world =]

So good to be back!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Melinda said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Today, I love air conditioning. I live in Florida and our air conditioner died a slow death over the last couple of weeks. Today, as we speak, they are installing my new air conditioner.

Call me superficial, but I don't like to sweat. ;0)

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Those are so peaceful, beautiful and serene. I needed to see those today.

Steve Julian said...

Is the word serene? Nice pictures and there are good days to post the pictures. Pictures and music can speak for us.
I take lots of trips by listening with music. Helps me.Peace

wenn said...

lovely pictures!

Ms. Anthropy said...

Lovely! I'm all over anything haunted, ghostly and paranormal.

Krista said...

I love that song too! Hmmm let's see what my three things are....

1. Photography
2. my pets
3. cake


blueviolet said...

What gorgeous photos! I do not love haunted houses though!

Tracie said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I used to listen to that song often. I hardly listen to music these days. That's sad, isn't it?

Mae Rae said...

I have come by through Trac~. Your pictures are amazing and I really love your song post. Billy Joel is one of my fav's and that song is just one of the biggest reasons why.

♥♥ tuğçe♥♥ said...

missss u a lot and ur posts
these are beautiful pictures
and these days, i am addicted to 'Owl City, Fireflies'
have a good day

Nevine said...

Oh, your photos of Belgium! Well, you know how I love Belgium!!! I love Egypt. I love my husband.I love food. I love wine. I love a good movie. I love to read. I love to write. I love life. I'm greedy. Long list... Can't help myself! ;-)

Thanks for your always inspiring and uplifting posts, dear Betty!

Big hugs,

KrippledWarrior said...

I think the photos are great. But now I've got that song stuck in MY HEAD ALSO!!!

Momma Fargo said...


What amazing pics! I would love to visit that place. So beautiful and mysterious. Thanks so much for sharing your posts. You are such a ray of sunshine.

Artist said...

Wonderful photos catching a great mood.

Melissa B. said...

I love the "old world" feel of these shots. Bravo!

Lifebeginsat30ty said...

Are you planning a European vacation? The euro is at a really good exchange ;)

I love chocolate. And anything crispy. But right now am enjoying a most fantastic risotto. Mmm.

septembermom said...

Those pictures are breathtaking. Love it so much.

Music and words are what keep me going :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Such gorgeous photos. And I love that Billy Joel song too. It's one of my faves. :)

Vodka Logic said...

Those pictures are amazing. have you been to those places

athina said...

Beautiful pictures!I also love listening music and watching movies.I like most in my free time to meet my friends.

Kel said...

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Denise said...

Following you over from Friday Follow!

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yonca said...

Beautiful song. Reminds me a friend of mine whenever I listen it.Have a great weekend Betty!

Kristin said...

Meg went there a couple years ago and raved about it. I can see why!

David L Macaulay said...

I'm totally with those four things; went to Bruges and while back and hung out in the Minnewater drinking Belgian beer - all in all not a bad way to spend the day.

Misalyn said...

Lovely pictures. I like the one with swans. 3 things that I like:
1.Yummy cakes :)
2. Photography
3. sleeping :) - am always lack of it since am doing night duties.

Have a great weekend Dear.

Mellisa said...

Beautiful pictures! I am visiting from FF! I am your newest follower, I hope that you will stop by my site and follow me too!

Thanks, Mellisa

Cielo Azul Jewelry said...

Hello! Happy FF=0) I'm a new follower and hope you will follow me too!

LOVE all your photos.


ritsa said...
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Pat said...

Such beautiful photos - sigh.

And that is one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. Thanks for that. :)

Αgeliki said...

great,romantic pictures!!
what a song!!!thanks Betty

J Bar said...

What a beautiful place.

Nippon Nin said...

Lovely pics! I thought about your question...thought provoking and insightful.