What camera do you use?
I've been shooting with different cameras in the past and have recently been using my Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D) with the Canon18mm-55mm lens or the fantastic Canon50mm f1.8 lens a lot. I also own a few different lenses. I've been using my Canon50mm f1.8 lens almost exclusively since I got it a couple of months ago.

So what's this blog about?
Everything. Well, almost. I'm not just a photographer or a travel writer, or a food blogger.
That's why I can call my site a Creative Lifestyle Blog. I talk about the things I love - photography tips and tricks, pets, travel, food etc. Mostly. Trying to make life a little brighter through the lens, creativity, food and positive lifestyle. Join in on the fun!
I also post on BlogHer.

What do you find most rewarding about blogging?
The most rewarding thing about blogging would have to be the people I have met along the way. Over the years I have met many wonderful people who I consider my extended friends and family all over the world.
How did you build a following on your blog.
Building a following is something not all that easy. I think the best piece of advice is just to be yourself. Publish original content. Listen to your readers, get to understand their needs, answer their questions, respond to comments left on your blog.

I just started a blog. Any tips?
Write about things you're truly passionate about. Create your own, unique voice. Provide content readers find useful and interesting. I would encourage you to write blog posts that provide real value for your readers. Be true to yourself in the content you write. Get your name out there. If you read someone's blog and enjoy it, leave them a comment telling them. It only takes you a few seconds and could very easily make their day. It will also help your site's traffic rank and popularity.

List of things you love
Photography, coffee, blogging, creativity, movies, animals, worthy causes, chocolate, travelling, more chocolate, snowflakes, gastronomy.

List of things you hate strongly dislike
Arrogance, rudeness, animal cruelty, child abuse, being ill or having beloved ones being ill, alarm clocks, being cold, fake people, bad drivers, noisy neighbours.

{Not necessary in that order.}  

Edible pick-me-up foods?

I love any kind of soup all year long, pasta, chocolate and yeah, pizza.

Can I use your photographs on my blog?
Of course! But please link back to me. As long as you link back to my blog's, I'd love to be featured on your site.

Have a question you would like an answer to (or just want my recipe for pesto )?

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