August 09, 2019

On Creativity

Everyone is creative in their own way. Creativity is a way of living; it helps you see things differently and has a way of changing things up. Simply put, it is because creativity makes life unbelievably interesting and fulfilling.
There's no denying that our creative minds get stuck in a creative funk from time to time. Creativity demands focus - but sometimes life gets in the way...

So while I was searching the web for inspiration today, I found this awesome collection of creative techniques, compositions and mixed media approaches to feed my creative soul. This list of 100+ ideas will keep you inspired for a long time.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Hope you have a creative weekend. xx

Here's a CUT and DRY post on Creative Personality you may have missed.

(100+ Creative Photography Ideas.)

(Photo via.)

August 02, 2019

The Creative Personality

Creative types by Adobe Create.

Argh, the monotony of everyday can we break up monotony? For me, a great way is to add an element of quirkiness, passion and a splash of beauty in everyday life.
I love making digital cards for friends and family. Apart from photography, creating cards is an easy way to get my creative juices flowing.
Nothing says "I think of you" like a personalized card that you designed.

Hope you have a creative weekend! xx

Haha, such fun! Discover your creative personality: Creative types by Adobe Create.

How to be creative.

July 26, 2019

Poisonous Flowers

beautiful blue wisteria
Digging through my archives, I found some images of Wisteria. There's something special about tender blue pink wisteria flower. I know wisteria makes me happy when I look at it. I did not know it was poisonous.

In fact, there are hundreds of toxic and allergenic plants in the world. These plants might be pretty, but they also produce toxins that could be harmful to humans and animals.
Oleander, Lily of the valley, Hydrangea, just to mention a few. While these flowers are beautiful and sound like a gardener's dream, they're also toxic.
So be careful what you touch, and what you eat.

Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

beautiful pink oleander flowers

(Article via House Beautiful. Top photo of Wisteria, bottom photo of pink Oleander flowers).

July 12, 2019

I'd Love to Live in a Cottage

I have always lived in a city, but I'm a rural person at heart. Sometimes I find myself dreaming about living in a cozy country cottage with a rose garden. I especially...

June 28, 2019

Have a Great Summer!

To be honest, I can't claim that my favorite season of the year is summer - every season has its pros and cons - so it is difficult for me to decide which season I like most.

June 08, 2019

1838-2019:Street Photography - A Photo for Every Year

I have never ever posted on Saturdays as my regular posting is every Friday, but this video is really awesome and couldn't wait to share it with you. Compilation of street photography and music from 1838 to the present day.

Hope you have a great weekend! xx

(Photo by Garry Winogrand. Video by Guy Jones.)

May 31, 2019


A wall that plays music when it rains. Kunsthofpassage, Dresden, Germany.

When the rain starts to fall, this drain and gutter system turns into a spectacular musical instrument. What an awesome invention and design! May we make our cities more bearable.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

(via Atlas Obscura. Photo by Vincent Kwong.)