April 21, 2010

Sunshine and I am Sick Today


My day started out awful, with one of those stomachaches that
creep up on you. But it is a bright, warm day, the sun is shining, and I thought I would post some lovely things today. 

So I'd like to share with you some pretty flowers and a brilliant video, "Slow Motion Insect Flight" several  insects (Hornet, Butterfly, Bee..) flying off collecting juice. I hope it will inspire you as much as it inspired me.                                            
(Video by TheChangeInTime Channel-Music "Long Road Ahead," by Kevin MacLeod)

April 17, 2010

I'm Back! + Have an Inspirational Weekend!

                                      I'm finally getting back on track after a really "crazy" week I had
                                      repairing my house, but it may take a while to catch up on your
                                      lovely blogs. Can't wait! 
                                      I 'd like to share with you these remarkable works of art
                                      by Michael A. - Expressionist artist.
                                      Oh, how I love these paintings! Hope you'll love them as much
                                      as I did.
                                      I'm fond of fine art. It really affects my senses and stimulates my
                                      thoughts and emotions.
                                      Works of art can tell stories or simply express an aesthetic
                                      truth of feeling.
                                        All true artists, whether they know it or not create from a place                                                                            of no mind, from inner stillness.
                                     Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, my darlings! xx                             

April 15, 2010

Missing You!

The kiss.

I have been so busy working on my house lately.
I miss having time to read blogs...hopefully I will be back in the groove soon! I hope you're all having a lovely day! xx

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April 08, 2010

Oh, My Poor House!

Well, that time of year has arrived-despite what the weather has been saying of late.
Spring is here at last! And you know what spring means-a good spring-clean all those repairs, and little odd jobs that need doing.
And this year, there's a big job to do as well. Actually, the outside walls of my house need to be repaired
and repainted.
So, I have hired some painters to do the outside walls. I am quite stressed, what with all the comings and goings of workmen, tools, paint smells, mess...there's going to be.
But it has to be done; so better to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.
If I don't, my poor house will suffer even more next winter.

So, I won't be blogging for five or seven days. I'll try to pop in to read your blogs when I can.
I'll miss you all! xx
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April 06, 2010

Love Veggies

                                     I didn't realize this until lately, but it seems that just a few months                                 
                                     ago, I was eating quite the "luxurious" food.
                                     Back then I probably only ate meat twice a week, and the
                                     cooking I used to do was just unhealthy.
                                     Then I came across a certified nutrition specialist who introduced                                
                                     me to a healthy diet which emphasizes fruits, vegetables,
                                     especially the cruciferous ones, such as broccoli, cauliflower,
                                     Brussels sprouts, kale cabbage etc.), fish, and limits meat
                                     and dairy products.

                                     I've learned to like Brussels sprouts in the last year, too.
                                     Melt a little grass-fed cheese on them and some garlic and they
                                     are absolutely delicious!
                                     What's the point?
                                     Research has found that plant foods can actually protect against
                                     diseases and help to fight against the stomach fat.
                                     Vegetables of every size, colour, shape, texture and flavour,
                                     are absolutely great!
                                     They are among the most versatile and nutritious foods available.
                                     Each has a unique nutrient fingerprint.
                                     And as for fruits, there's something to the saying about "an apple
                                     a day keeps the doctor away".

                                     I'm pretty happy with the healthy factor of my meals and snacks;
                                     adding more legumes and veggies to my diet.
                                     And remember,
                                     whole grains have sustained civilization throughout history.

                                     What are your thoughts? xx                          

                                     (Photos by B.M.)