November 10, 2010

Wish Me a Safe Journey!

Yahoo! I'm heading to London this week. So I'll be officially taking a little break from blogging for a few days.
I'm looking forward to sharing my London photos with you all, dear readers, and can't wait to tell you all the details as to how my trip went.

I hope everyone's having a wonderful day! xx

P.S. See you soon! 

November 09, 2010

Ultra Busy and Excited

st. james park london uk

St. James's Park, London, UK.

Okay, okay I know. I shamelessly skipped a post yesterday. I am sorry...or maybe not really. I had a crazy week and when I say crazy, I mean it! The last couple of days sucked a little...
I was really busy most of time, and while being busy I still wanted to sleep so much that I could barely think properly or concentrate on something.

I'm going to London on Thursday for a few days and that means I only have two days to have everything prepared and that's not even really enough so I had to work on it a lot. 
I really, really, really need to start getting ready for my trip.
I am happy I've got my airplane ticket and hotel booked so I'm sort of safe here.
And speaking of my trip, as much as I want to spend a few days in London it sucks to think that I am going to miss my adorable little kittens.
I'm departing on November 11th. I'm so excited...can't wait to meet with my friends again. xx          

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