August 02, 2010

Mini Brain Vacation

Drifting down under.

Hi there all my blogging friends! I just wanted to  let you know that I'll be taking a break for a few days. Nothing better than a little fresh air or listening to the waves hit the sand and soaking up some sun clear and de-clutter my head.
Right now is all I need to recharge my batteries and I really got to goooo!
I will be trying to recover my brain's "data".
Also known as "mini brain vacation"! I shall return later next week or so.
I'll miss all of you immensely, my darlings.

P.S. Oooh, there was just an avalanche (barrage) of movie ideas regarding my previous post!
It actually was amazing to see way too many movie lovers like me, more than I'd have ever thought.
Thank you all so much  for the great and extensive list of good movie suggestions. xx                              
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