March 30, 2011

Kids Can Now Walk on Water + A Quickie!

Azul Sensatori Hotel, Cancun, Mexico swimming pool balloons.
Oh my goodness, they look like giant transparent balloons and make users look like a hamster running in its wheel.
The concept works by children entering a large air-filled balloon which they have to push in order to move across the surface of the water.
A new great fun addition to the pool environment? xx
Update: I'm busy. Like ridiculously, terribly, tiringly busy but I wanted to say hello. 
I'm in a constant state, of so-little  time-so-much-to-so...but this is really busy. I'm running out of time, I just want to talk to you guys forever! 
I look forward to visiting your lovely blogs and having a proper catch up soon.

I hope you're all having a great week.                                         
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