September 30, 2011

Animals in Captivity

It's so sad to see any animal in captivity. Watching videos of the horrible things humans do to animals really does break my heart...
Oh, poor creatures...they are put in unnatural settings and forced into artificial enclosures on concrete behind bars.

Are we getting an educational benefit from zoo-going or circus-going?

Hmmm...not an easy question to answer.
Thoughts? xx

Hey you! Ducks need a pond to swim in...

Every animal, farm animal deserves a good life.

I love Camera Critters. :)

P.S. Photos SOOC

September 26, 2011

Wholesome Awesome: Devon, England Photos

Drakes Island from Torpoint, Cornwall.

This is a photograph of autumnal warmth, with the setting sun casting a pink glow, and the beautiful colours heating up the lovely Drakes Island early in the afternoon.
Drakes Island from Torpoint, Cornwall.

I'm back home after a pleasant, issue-free journey to Devon, England visiting friends and relatives and I am excited to catch up with all your blogs and comments.
I really love to travel and continue to use my travels as inspiration.
Travel is more than just going to a place; it's an inner journey as well. Journeys tell a lot about who we are and what we can be. In essence, every journey is a journey into a rediscovery of our identity. Don't you...

September 08, 2011

Meeting With Old Friends

I'm heading off to jolly old England to meet with two good friends of mine I haven't seen them in years.
As you read this I am probably on my flight to Devon, England. I might even be devouring (blush!) delicious fruit scones with clotted cream and having a nice cup of tea.

As I write this I can already smell the freshness of the gorgeous English countryside.
So I probably won't be able to do my posts regularly, but I will continue to answer emails, read and comment on your lovely blogs.
I'll see you all back here soon! xx

P.S. Please excuse that I'll be slow to get back to you.

September 02, 2011

Vacation Photos + How Did You Spend Your Summer?

I'd love to share with you a few of my vacation photos, if you'd like to see.
I've had a wonderful summer TV, no computer, no plans, of course I equipped myself with several books and my camera as always.
A vacation getaway is always great fun!

It was almost noon when we finally arrived at my good friend Anne's beach house on the beautiful island of Mykonos, Greece,
and we decided to jump in the pool and chill out.
The view from the house was really gorgeous. I got some time to relax in the shadow with my book and a yummy, fresh orange juice, which I enjoyed quite a lot.
The weather was fairly nice; it was not too hot during the daytime and could actually get a little chilly at night.
ABOVE A gigantic cruiser getting ready to leave port. 
There are golden sandy beaches on Mykonos island. Here are a few beautiful beaches with turquoise crystal waters and soul-warming sun where we went swimming:  Paraga Beach, Psarou Beach, Elia Beach, Platys Gialos, and Ag. Sostis Beach.
We also visited Katrine's, a cozy little  restaurant with its sophisticated setting and cuisine which we enjoyed quite a lot. Needless to say the food was absolutely delicious and glowed with the strong, warm flavours of Mediterranean!  

Overall, we really enjoyed the beautiful sandy beach and the tranquil blues and greens of the crystal clear water; we all have had such a wonderful time. It was actually a ton of fun.

The bottom line is this: I finally managed to get some time to rest and relax with family and friends. The best part is, the joy I felt in the tiny bits and pieces of life because I truly took time to stop and smell the roses.
So that's pretty much how we spent  our summer vacation.

Thanks, Ann, for making this a very pleasant vacation for all of us.

How was your summer? How did you spend it? Did you go on vacation? I'd love to hear. xx