October 16, 2012

Just a Quickie

plymouth barbican
In the Light. Plymouth Barbican, UK.

Just wanted to drop in and say sorry for the missed Tuesday's blog post last week. While I have plenty of blog post ideas rambling around in my head, I have decided to slow way down on blog posting and go from 2 to 1.
As most of you may know I've been posting 2-3 times per week for almost three years now, but I need to cut back on my blogging schedule...this is my plan and I wouldn't have done so if I didn't need to.

So I'll be posting one blog post per week (Friday's) for the next couple of months, (or so).

This will give me more time to:

*Catch up on blog reading and commenting. (It's all about the Law of Reciprocity, remember?)

*Experiment with some new techniques related to my photography.

*Be able to give Cut and Dry a makeover. (Finally!)

*Enjoy the benefits of a little more time. As wonderful as blogging is, it's a treat not a chore.

I don't know how some blog friends have been able to maintain their 7-posts-a-week for years. I know I couldn't do it.

I have turned off comments on this one as there's a whole bunch of still unanswered e-mail in my archive from my last post.

Hope you're having a great day from start to finish guys!

In the spirit of Halloween...I leave you with this photo. (Photo Above)

See you all on Friday!;) xx 

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