February 21, 2012

Life Gets In...

You know how they say, "Real Life gets in the way of living sometimes..." I've been ridiculously, terribly busy with my work lately. I just want to sit down and finish an economic development research project I'm working on, not to mention I'm up to my neck in trouble work. So, I've decided to take a few days off from blogging.
Let's hope my work issues get worked out soon!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week and can't wait to get caught up with everyone! xx

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February 17, 2012

Happy Cattle + Have a Great Weekend

Cattle grazing on Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK.
Dartmoor is situated in Devon, UK, and is one of the few real wilderness areas left in England.
Walking on Dartmoor is wonderful. Nothing can beat the view of a herd of happy cattle.
I was quite happy with my cow encounter...

I wasn't born and raised on a ranch, but I've always loved these beautiful animals.
Happy cattle enjoy natural surroundings!
(Remember, each animal can give it's best while enjoying a good life in natural surroundings.)

Do you love cows? 

Hope you all have a wonderful, 'moo-moo' weekend! xx

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February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day, my friends! What are your plans tonight?
As a child I thought Valentine's Day was pretty cool and celebrated it. Ah, I loved to give the paper Valentine's card to my friends, but as I grew older I started to care less and less about it.
(I think we women love the romance, chocolates, flowers, Valentine's Day, even if we pretend we don't!).

Some of us may be jaded about this holiday, but Valentine's Day is all about love, so let's embrace it and celebrate it every day of the year, not just today!

On this day, if you are alone or single, spend the day treating yourself to something special. You do deserve it!
Use this day to do what you enjoy doing most and feel good about yourself, and celebrate love in every form it comes.

Who says that people need a companion for this one day of the year?

Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!
My sweets, I just want to reach through the screen and hug you all! xx

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February 10, 2012

Winter Subtleness + Have a Great Weekend!

So these are my last road trip photos. I love these shots for too many reasons to fully explain.

Trying to capture the cold, grey (gray) wintry mood, the loneliness of the landscape, the dead feeling of winter,

a subtle shadow,
...and trying to use my camera like a paintbrush.

These are a few of my favourite photos. Why? Because looking closely at these, they do look a lot like they were taken with a film camera (my favourite cameras of all time). I really love that bluey hue in some of them. But they have been taken on a digital camera.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! xx

P.S. I love this inspirational Japanese proverb..."One kind word can warm three winter months."

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February 07, 2012

Five Likes Tuesday

Source of inspiration. Beautiful seagulls, Cancun, Mexico.
My friend Ann's wedding cake.
Guacamole and flower tortillas that is perfect for a light lunch.
Morning coffee.
An Orange Cake with an Orange Butter cream filling, occasionally.

Tip. Treat yourself to something extravagant delicious anytime you're having a bad day. It is okay!

What are your five favourite things of the week? I'd love to hear. xx

February 03, 2012

I Love Babies! + Have an Adorable Weekend

I'm excited to have linked to a brilliant photographer today, Amy Robertson!
I am totally and utterly in love with Amy Robertson's gorgeous photography.
Before I started writing this post I thought to myself, how much I admire Amy.
Her photos have shaped my sense of what is adorable, precious, wondrous and fascinating in the real world.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Amy Robertson's photography; once you look at her adorable photos you will know from that very moment that you will be a fan of her stunning photography.

Oooh, how tiny these little cuties are!
Here's Amy's great tip on how achieving this pose. (Photo above.) "The Pose" pullback SOOC and how-to.

Amy, thank you so much indeed. We are so lucky to have you out there.

My lovelies, hope you have an awesome weekend! xx

(Photos via Amy Robertson Photography)