March 21, 2014

I Turned Off Comments On Today's Post and Future Ones...Temporarily

I feel guilty. And I'm not sure it's something I can totally control.
I feel guilty for:

Not reading enough blogs. (I do want to read so many blogs but it gets out of control.)

Not commenting on enough blogs. (I don't comment as much as I'd like to. And I feel guilty about that.)

Not responding to comments promptly enough. (While I'll do my best to reply quickly, sometimes my hectic schedule will prevent me from getting to you as promptly as I'd like-I feel guilty about that.)

I do feel really bad when I don't get around to visiting the sites of people that comment on my blog.

I've very reluctantly decided to disable comments on today's post and future ones...for now. TEMPORARILY. You know, I wouldn't have done so if I did not need to.
Yes, I will most definitely turn on the comments, but not for the next few weeks at least.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging. I really do. And I love reading my readers' comments. You inspire me and you support me and I'm so thankful for having you as my blogging friends.
Also, as a blogger, I love receiving comments from people and interacting with them - It's always nice to be acknowledged. And I've enjoyed great discussions with other bloggers and readers as well.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that blogging takes hard work and dedication but even though I enjoy it so much there are so much more things that need to get done, including my photography improvement.

Although I'd love to get back to all of my fellow bloggers, I've still got a schedule to follow and things need to get done. I've also taken a step back from several social media platforms e.g. pinterest, twitter, tumblr. I simply do not have the energy to do everything. In all honesty, I have to prioritize my life and I often get stressed out; I'm worried about upsetting my readers for not responding to their comments...

I think it's probably best to disable comments on a few posts TEMPORARILY (so not to offend my fellow bloggers if I didn't reply to their comments) until I can.
That is not to say I will not comment on your posts. I will. I'll still be a regular reader/commenter.
See you around the blogosphere! xx

P.S. I do hope that you all understand and will continue visiting and reading my blog.

P.P.S. People can still e-mail me if they need any help or just to chat...

(Top photo via , bottom photo via Experience Farm)