May 09, 2014

My Cheat Day + Have a Yummy Weekend!

club sandwich french fries and beer
Yesterday was my Cheat Day. I guess you can eat whatever you want on your Cheat Day!
I probably don't want to give up club sandwich and fries for the rest of my life. I'd guess, one club sandwich and fries from time to time, while eating a varied diet with plenty of veggies and staying under target is nothing to feel bad about.
green salad
club sandwich french fries and beer
I am perfectly aware that weight loss is not something you finish...Also, you're going to eat food that isn't exactly perfect for you. However, I can't help but crave a delicious club sandwich, burgers n' fries, or a good lager (beer) every now and then. I'm only human, after all.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! xx

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