May 23, 2014

Romantic Love Story

A story about a king who wanted to be like everyone else. Edward VIII. The king who gave up the throne for the woman he loved.

King Edward VIII (later the Duke of Windsor 1894-1972) was in love with Mrs. Wallis Simpson, not only an American socialite, but also a married woman already once divorced. Yet, in order to marry the woman he loved, King Edward was willing to give up the British throne - and he did. Choosing not to end his relationship with Wallis Simpson, Edward VIII abdicated (11 December 1936).

I've always been fascinated by real-life love stories; love is such a crucial part of our lives. Maybe you think it's easier to be a cynic. But you know what? True love exists! I do believe that true love still exists in the world. Yeah, I strongly believe that.
Remember how "The Notebook" ends with Allie and Noah dying hand-in-hand?

Hope you have a happy long weekend with the ones you love! xx
river thames in london

The Thames in London, UK. (Photo taken in 2010.)

P.S. I've been married and divorced once but still waiting for "the one". I guess love comes when you least expect it and at all ages.

"Don't worry. My heart is still open" I want to buy this t-shirt!;)

(Top photo via Wikipedia)