October 10, 2014

Things and People (2014)

the famous kolonaki area athens greece

Well, hello there. Today I wanted to share with you my new photography project that I originally planned on starting in September. I overestimated my personal time management skills and abilities. (I often find myself running out of time...it seems that there's just never enough time in the day to get everything done.)
So, my new project? Things and People Project: This project is an attempt to document everyday people, things, and moments through the lens.
One of the greatest things about photography is...

the ability to document/freeze a unique moment in time. It goes without saying that photos can offer a glimpse as to how people/things/fashions/'scapes looked in the past and acquire value as documentary pictures, especially with the passage of time.

Posed street portraits. {Posed Street Portraiture.}

Candid street portraits.

I love to photograph random people on the street. I normally don't ask for permission. But in certain cases you have to. If I want a portrait I always ask permission. Plus: I'm always careful when photographing kids. I always asked permission when I see a kid I want to photograph.
Posed street portraits. {Posed Street Portraiture.}

I like taking candid street pictures where possible as you see random people acting naturally in street photography, but I also like taking portraits if someone has a particular look or style.
It goes without saying that it is a bit of a risk to go out in a public place and take pictures of strangers - not everyone likes to be photographed. However, most people I have approached are more than willing and even pose sometimes. I have never had a problem taking a photo but I'm still sort of shy. But I'm working on it.
Shooting candidly. 

The bottom line is that the best way to get over fear of photographing people you don't know is to do it.

Hope you have a wonderful fall weekend! xx

(Paintings via Michael Amarantos)

Update: A glimpse of Kolonaki district, Plaka area (Old Athens), and Monastiraki area, Athens, Greece. (2014)
(Photos 1-8 Kolonaki District. Photo 9 Plaka area. Photo 10 Monastiraki area. Photos 11-22 Plaka area. Photos 23-27 Monastiraki area. Photos 28-31 Plaka area. Photos 32-51 Kolonaki District. Photo 52 Plaka area. Photos 53-57 Kolonaki District.)

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