June 12, 2015

A Cup of Joe

a cup of joe
Hello, everybody! So. Just the other day I was sitting at my desk, leaning back in chair, enjoying a nice cup of coffee; red-hot, steam rising above my favourite cup. Just a dash of milk, no sugar. Divine! So today I thought I would post...
all things coffee. People who know me, know I love coffee. I do. Especially my first morning cup. It's my morning ritual and my "me" time.
a cup of nice cup of coffee
a cup of joe
a cup of coffee
 a cup of coffee in the morning
a lovely cup of coffee
Total brown heaven! In fact, I can't function very well in the morning without my cup of joe. Coffee is one of the things we never run out of here, or try not to anyway. Though I love the taste and smell of freshly brewed coffee, I also love the warmth and the feeling I get when I drink it.
I know I'm not alone in saying my day doesn't start without it.
Iced Coffee - Frappuccino.

Have you ever wondered why is coffee called a cup of joe? 
There are several theories that have been put forth, but none of them can claim the definitive explanation.
One theory ascribes the nickname to Josephus "Joe" Daniels, former secretary of the US Navy. And in American English, "Joe" can refer to a common fellow, chap, soldier, or - somewhat strangely - coffee.
a nice cup of coffee

Old Coffee Ads. {Coffee and an engagement ring.}

Who discovered coffee?

There is a popular Ethiopian legend wherein coffee is discovered by a goat-herder named Kaldi in Ethiopia during the 9th century, who found his goats frolicking after eating the red berries from a Coffea shrub.
Kaldi tried the berries for himself and had a similar reaction. He reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery who made a drink with the berries and discovered that it kept him awake and alert. Soon the abbot had shared his discovery with the other monks, and ever so slowly knowledge of the effects of the berries began to spread.
As word moved east and coffee reached the Arabian peninsula, it began a journey which would spread its reputation across the globe.
a lovely cup of coffee
This is how the lovely beverage we call coffee was born according to the Ethiopian legend. The true details of this invention we will probably never know...

 Hope you have a great weekend! I'm off to make a pot of coffee. ;)

(Old coffee ads via Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys)