December 11, 2015

Holiday Cookie Recipes

Thumbprint Cookies. {Get the recipe for Thumbprint Cookies.}

'Tis the season for cookies! I've always loved to transform my dinning room table into a fun, festive cookie buffet. Baking fresh cookies is one of  my family's favourite  holiday traditions. I have..
four cookie recipes I tend to usually use, but this time I was looking for a little bit of a different recipe.

It was just a week ago when I chatted with a good friend of mine about homemade baking goods. My wonderful friend Elena introduced me to these recipes from Vitamix and I'm glad she did, these cookies are amazing! And here's why I like them so much: They are so easy and cheap to make and yet turn out perfect. They melt in your mouth. They have a lovely flavour and texture.
It's great when such simple ingredients come together to create something so fabulous!

If you're looking for some delicious and easy recipes, here are three cookie recipes to try out.

Hope you have a sweet weekend! xx

Shortbread Cookies. {Get the recipe for Shortbread Cookies.}
Minty Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. {Get the recipe for Minty Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.}

(Top photo, bottom photo via Vitamix.)