February 25, 2016

Quick Tutorial: How to Photograph Fire

There's something mesmerizing about a flickering flame, don't you think?

Today I'll be sharing with you all my 6 tips on how to photograph fire...
Photographing a fire in a fireplace, a candle lit scene, a lantern can be challenging yet fulfilling at the same time. One reason is it always gives off a warm golden light which adds mood to an image.
The main trick is to use a fast Shutter Speed.
Wrong Shutter Speed setting: Shutter Speed 1/320 f3.5 ISO 200.
This is much better. Shutter Speed 1/400 f3.5 ISO 200

Shutter Speed 1/640 f3.5 ISO 200


How to photograph Fire

1. Turn all lights in the room off

The only ambient light in the room is the fireplace fire (lit candle/lantern).
Note: If you shoot in ambient light conditions, the flame will be bright and everything else will be really dark. You need to fix dark or underexposed parts of your image in post-processing.

2. Put Your Camera in Manual Mode

3. Turn Camera Flash Off

4. Shoot at Fast Shutter Speeds

Faster shutter speeds of 320 and above enable you to have a crisp image, sharper flames and great detail. The shape of fire changes rapidly as we know, so you need to freeze the motion. Faster shutter speeds help freeze motion (or action).

5. Use ISO 200

6. Set Metering Mode to Spot

You can try different shutter speeds, apertures and ISO's to get the results you want.

Have fun and fire away! xx