August 19, 2016

Paris, 1914

{The first World Air Show at the Grand Palais in Paris, as photographed by Leon Gimpel in Autochrome Lumiere (an early color photography process)}

Hello! For as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated by old photos. Old Paris is something I always secretly wish I could fly back in time to see...
Here are some of my fave early color photographs of life in Paris in 1914 captured by French photographers.

It's been really sad to hear about Louisiana and California. The news is definitely tough right now. My thoughts are with those affected by the floods in Louisiana and the wildfires in California.

Also. Lately, I've been spending hours upon hours looking through family old photos and soaking them all in. Does this mean I'm getting old? ;)

Hope you have a great weekend! xx

{Photo by Stephan Passet}
{Flower Market at Les Halles, in 1914}

{Sainte Foy and Rue d' Alexandrie St. in 1914}

Inspiration: Albert Khan the Visionary.

(Photos via Back to 1912. Tumblr)