March 31, 2017

Recalling My Trip to Amsterdam

Westerdok District, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

When I first visited Amsterdam over 10 years ago, I was really impressed by the Golden Age bridges and canals, houseboats, whirring bikes (cycling is key to the city's character), magnificent museums (Amsterdam has over 60 museums), floating flower markets, and of course the abundance of coffee shops.
My memories of my first visit to Amsterdam are the Rijksmuseum, Ann Frank's house, canals, houseboats, and a day trip to see Tulip fields.
Apart from these sights - that attract millions of people annually - I was also interested in exploring what street food to eat in Amsterdam.
I never imagined that French fries (patat in Dutch) are one of the most popular street foods in Netherlands. You'll find French fries stalls at almost every corner in Amsterdam. They serve it with a variety of mayo; mustard mayo, peanut mayo, spicy mayo...

My travel companion and I had decided to stay on a houseboat. This was a great decision. I think staying on a houseboat is the best way to enjoy the "Spirit of the city". The houseboat was terrific, it was clean and comfortable and had everything you need. They call Amsterdam the Venice of the North. The city has 165 canals, 1,281 bridges, and around 2,500 houseboats, due to the housing shortage in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, the free-spirited Dutch capital is one of Europe's great cities. I do hope to visit here again one day.

Hope you have an adventurous weekend! xx

P.S. Sadly, I accidentally deleted every photograph I had taken from my Amsterdam trip. :(

(Photo via AirPano.)