June 23, 2017

Super Easy Three - Ingredient Dessert

Need dessert and need it now? This simple, single-serving recipe is perfect for...
those moments when you are desperately craving something sweet. Healthy, simple, and delicious.  You can make a fantastic dessert with just three simple ingredients in less than five minutes. I made this for breakfast this morning, takes two minutes to prepare and tastes great!
It is essentially just cottage cheese with strawberry jam folded in. Jam and cheese go fabulously together.
Easy Three-Ingredient Dessert


3 tablespoons 25% low-fat cottage cheese
1 tablespoon strawberry jam
Chocolate syrup


In a bowl, mix together the cottage cheese and strawberry jam (or any other jam) to your liking. Drizzle some chocolate syrup over your cheese mixture. Serve immediately.

Hope you have a sweet weekend! xx