June 08, 2018

Project: Ballet Dancer + A Note on Protecting Your Blogger Blog

betty manousos beautiful ballerina photo
A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to photograph beautiful portraits of this lovely ballerina...

at a Photography event. Needless to say, we've had so much fun during the shoot. Here are some of my photographs, if you'd like to see...

Hope you have a great weekend. xx

gorgeous ballet dancer

beautiful ballerina
ballet dancer
betty manousos beautiful ballerina photo
betty manousos ballet dancer photo
ballerina photo
ballerina in beautiful costume

beautiful ballerina

beautiful ballerina

gorgeous ballerina

beautiful ballerina's leg

Secure Your Blogger Blog:

If you have a blog with blogspot address, security certificate is absolutely necessary. In fact, you should enable HTTPS for your Blogger blog to keep it safe. If you want readers to access your blog over HTTPS you can turn on HTTPS and HTTPS redirect.

How to enable HTTPS

Go to:

SETTINGS--->BASIC--->HTTPS (HTTPS Redirect) and click on YES.

Visitors to your blog will always go to https://your blog address.