Life Lately

betty manousos interview

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you had a gorgeous week. So I thought I'd do a short update post on my life lately...

First off, I am very excited and honored to have been interviewed for Street Photography Magazine  Whoot! It's a great honor and an absolute pleasure! Huge thanks to founder/editor of the magazine Bob Patterson and the lovely Ashley Hunsberger.

I highly recommend everybody with a passion for street photography to check out this wonderful magazine as they are many other interesting articles and interviews by some amazing photographers.
Take a look! Interview with Betty Manousos.

Developing an active lifestyle - Going out instead of staying in.
dog on the beach
A recent stroll on the beach really paid off.

I am currently working on a photography project about the effects of global climate change.
Enjoying the sunshine, as rain is on the way.

I am eagerly anticipating the new season. Hello, Autumn!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend! xx