December 18, 2020

9 Ideas On How to Enjoy the Holidays During the Pandemic

The 2020 Holidays are likely to be far different than our past celebrations. We are in the midst of the virus pandemic - limiting our ability to gather - and this can be a fearful, painful, and trying time for many. However, keeping our joyful spirit alive is so important. I rounded up a few ideas on how to enjoy the holidays during the pandemic and thought I'd share them with you.

1. Think positive - as you stay safe during the holidays.

2. Embrace a holiday attitude.

3. Decorate any room in your home with string lights. (I love twinkle lights.)

4.Create a seasonal centerpiece for your dinner table. Pine-cones, bunches of green leaves, candles, Christmas ornaments, etc. to set the mood.

5. Use your favorite tablecloths, placemats for meals.

6. Place a few votives on a plate and enjoy your food in soft lighting.

7. Spread some holiday sheer by baking a bunch of Christmas cookies - everybody loves to cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa in one hand and a freshly-baked cookie in another. You'll warm up your entire home and fill it with delightful smell.

8. Have a good bottle of wine - it doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. A nice glass of wine can really help you relax and unwind as you enjoy a satisfying dinner.

9. Try to wear your favorite clothes or whatever makes you happy as much as possible. Experts say that what we wear can have a huge impact on our mood.

Hope you have a great day. Stay safe!

Merry Christmas (to those who celebrate), Happy Holidays! 

Lots of love. xx

How to make your house smell amazing during the Holidays.

(Top Photo by Jill Wellington.)