Everyone Is an Artist + Have a Beautiful Weekend

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! It seems ages since I last wrote a blog post; and I am sorry for that. As you may know, I love photography. However, it's safe to say that it is not easy being a photographer. There are hours spent doing editing and/or post-processing photos, countless outings empty handed, lots of expenses, etc. So I've been working on a photography project for the last couple of months. I've also been practicing my photography skills in order to develop my craft and grow as a photographer. But I do love blogging too. So here I am guys.

I thought I'd share a few fresh photographs with you, if you'd like to see. All taken in Athens, Greece 2022.

Hope you have a great weekend! Take some time to spark your creativity and do something cool. It's important to spend your time doing what inspires and recharges you. Remember, everyone is an artist in their own way. xx 

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