My Stress Relievers

We live in an ever changing world - uncertainty, unexpected losses, and challenging situations are part of our lives and can cause stress and anxiety. Let's face it, any major life change can be stressful.

Sometimes, I feel anxious and stressed. When I'm under stress I experience mental symptoms, such as irritability, anger, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. In fact, I'm often feeling on edge and not being able to relax and am excessively worried about things such as health, family, work.

When stress and anxiety trike, these three techniques help keep me calmer.

My Coping Mechanisms When Stress Hits:

1. Deep breathing.

Lie down, or take a comfortable seat. Breathe in through the nose for at least five seconds.

With your mouth closed, exhale until you’re out of breath.

Repeat five to seven times.

2. Nature as a healer. (Eco-therapy).

Walking stimulates relaxation and improves our mood. Spending time in nature and doing outdoor activities can act as a stress reliever. Researchers have found that nature, even looking at trees simply makes us happy.

3. Getting a good sleep. Getting a good night's sleep can reduce stress and improve our mood. Not getting enough quality sleep regularly raises the risk of many disorders.

These strategies work perfectly for me. I hope they are helpful for you guys too.

Hope you have a great weekend! xx