June 30, 2010

Flower Personification

poppy anemone

Poppy Anemone.         

The perception of Mother Nature and its elements reflects the Universe in its unity in Greek mythology, and sensed through flowers and plants was the expression of "deity". For this reason religion and mythology relate plants and flowers to the gods.

Windflower, (Anemone nemorosa), (Greek word anemos=wind), is a flower personified in Greek mythology. The flower took its name from the wind because it's the wind that helps both in its blooming and whithering.

According to mythology was created from the mixture of wounded Adonis' blood and the nectar that Aphrodite poured into his wound.
The myth says that Aphrodite fell in love with a very handsome mortal, Adonis. God Mars who was Aphrodite's former lover, got jealous and one day that Adonis went hunting, he was transformed into a boar, attacked Adonis and hurt him.
Aphrodite poured nectar into Adonis' wound and anemone was created.
Daffodil, (Narcissus is its botanic name), is also a flower personified in mythology as well.                       
Its name comes from Narcissus' myth. 
Narcissus was a very handsome young man. According to the myth he died either looking at his reflection in   the waters of a lake or jumping into the lake to catch his reflection, thinking that it was the nymph who was living there. A flower grew at the point he died and it was given his name.
It expresses egoism.

Interesting! Isn't it? I've always been fascinated by Greek mythology, ancient gods, goddesses and heroes. xx 

June 24, 2010

Dancing Away

Meryl Streep on the island of Skopelos, Greece.
I have a secret crush on Meryl Steep. I absolutely adore her. Mama Mia with Phyllida Lloyd as director is a light-hearted, quite enjoyable  music/romantic comedy film.                                                                           It is based on the great songs of Abba. Have you seen it? It is really entertaining and the female and male 
characters are quite hilarious. Overall, a feel-good movie.
Superb songs, fascinating scenery, a fabulous Greek island!
Not quite my preferred genre, actually. But I loved it and I'd highly recommend it.

June 23, 2010

Sun Lovers

Bright and cheery, bold yet comfortable, the sunflower, is a warm and lovely plant and a sun loving flower.
With brilliant golden yellow petals that surround the flower's centre, sunflowers have a sun-like appearance.
Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus), Helios=Sun+Anthos=Flower (Greek stems) comes in a number of varieties, and colours ranging from daylight yellows to deep brown to sunset reds.

Sunflowers originate from North America in 1000 BC they became an important part of diet of various Native Americans as a good source of fat when these peoples began to farm sunflowers.

Artists throughout the history, like Vincent Willem Van Gogh (Dutch post-Impressionist, 1853-1890), appreciated sunflower's unique splendour.                                   
It's amazing how the tall stalks and petals of wild sunflowers are stretched towards the sun. This unique behaviour is known as Photo-tropism (Greek stem), and this has appeared and is viewed as a symbol of loyalty and constancy in many ancient myths.
The use of sunflower images as religious symbols has also been documented in some native societies.
Their physical resemblance to the sun is often associated with adoration and longevity and evokes feelings of warmth, brightness and happiness. I really enjoy basking in the sunflower's warming glow!
With the sense of the sun positive characteristics that these flowers reflect, I'm sending you sentiments of cheerfulness and sunshine-y thoughts! xx

June 19, 2010

Have a Happy Weekend + My Birthday Photos

                                     My best birthday present ever!   

                                     On June, 14th it was my Birthday. Well, I've just been quite
                                     busy over the past week and couldn't even write a post about it.
                                     They organized a birthday dinner party for me...so we drove to 
                                     a cosy restaurant by the sea. It was the ideal place to celebrate
                                     my special day.
                                     The flavours were off the charts and the food was some of the
                                     prettiest you'd lay your eyes on.
                                     Yup, good quality food!
                                     It was really a nice birthday dinner party. Glad that everything
                                     worked out so well for all of us.

                                     My dears, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

                                     Here are my birthday photos, if you'd like to see. xx

                                     The restaurant. The Main Entrance.
                                     For starters we ordered green salad with prosciutto.         
                                     Juicy Bon in Filet with saute' vegetables and Madeira sauce.
                                     for main course,

                                     and chicken fillets with steamed asparagus, basil, and polenta.
                                     The birthday cake photo does look like an abstract one.
                                      A moist, delicious, chocolate birthday cake. The calories
                                      are worth it.
                                     Margarita is my favourite drink and it was really yummy!

                                     I love open back black dresses.

June 11, 2010

Have a Great, Snacking Weekend

                                             When I'm typing away...
                                              I tend to treat myself to this one below.                        
                                              I have to admit that's my guilty pleasure.
                                              Ooops... I know I should only have a little bit of this but I
                                              just ate the whole bag! shame. (blush!)
                                              So, I ate that one instead of this one,
 or this one,
     or this one.
                                               Yes, I know that some foods are better snacking choices
                                                than others. That's easy. What's not so easy in real life
                                                is putting healthy snacking into practice.
                                                Actually, I tend to eat unhealthy snacks (blush!) for
                                                emotional reasons, like stress or when I skip meals or
                                                I am out with friends.

                                                Okay, I know. Snacking on fruits and vegetables sounds
                                                great! I'll try to choose green apples and peanut butter
                                                in order to get a round of applause from you all!
                                                However, it's not always a piece of cake  to snack
                                                well when there's so much temptation out there.
                                                It is probably tempting to go the quick route by grabbing
                                                a burger and fries or potato chips (my favourite), etc. etc.
                                                Seriously, I'm trying to eat healthy.
                                                But from time to time I give myself something less
                                                healthy that I really like. Oh, well... sometimes you have
                                                to splurge.
                                                If I deny myself everything that doesn't meet a healthy
                                                standard, one day I'm going to come home and pig
                                                out! What a shame! (blush!).

                                                How do you manage to snack in a healthy way?
                                                I'd love to hear.

                                                Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my lovelies. xx

June 03, 2010

Just a Quickie

Time goes by so damn fast! After a pleasant issue-free trip to London I'm back.
My experiences cannot be numbered nor quantified and my heart is overwhelmed with love and joy at it.

However, I'm extremely busy with work. My apologies, I won't be blogging  for a few days just didn't want you to think I'd disappeared off the face of the blogosphere in the meantime. I'll try to pop in to read your blogs when I can. xx
P.S. I just thought I'd share some flowers with you today. xx
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