May 29, 2012

Five Likes Tuesday

Last September I had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Mount Edgcumbe Gardens in Cornwall, just outside of Torpoint. You could not fail to notice the beautiful hydrangea-it was everywhere!
Plymouth Barbican, south Devon, UK. Plymouth Barbican is magical at dusk, when the sun has set behind the horizon and the little harbour picks up the texture of the pink sky.
Best recovering drink. Sometimes you just have to drink your milk!
Hello raisin bran muffins!

Do you find weekends hard to stay on track with your healthy habits? I certainly do. Really. But I have decided to just improve my nutrition intake and feel my energy levels soar again.
Smooth sweet potato with a deep orange flesh that adds a spectacular, stupendous colour at any table.

I just want to start eating healthier food!

What about you? xx

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May 15, 2012

The Orchids

I really like Orchids. The name comes from the Greek ορχις (orkhis), literally meaning "testicle", because of the shape of the root. {Source: Wikipedia.}

Orchis, was the son of a Nymph and a Satyr in Greek mythology. During a celebratory feast for Dionysus (Bacchus), god of the grape harvest and wine- Orchis drank too much and committed the sacrilege of attempting to rape a priestess, resulting in his being torn apart by the Maenads (Bacchanalians), followers of Dionysus- then the gods metamorphosed him into a flower.

Aah, I've always been quite fascinated by Greek mythology! xx

May 11, 2012

Have a Fabulous Weekend!

The Serpentine (also known as the Serpentine River) is a recreational lake in Hyde Park, London, England, UK.
Trafalgar Square, Central London, England, UK.
Big Ben (Clock Tower). Big Ben is the nickname for the great bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London, England, UK. 
One golden afternoon in London.

River Thames and Surroundings. The River Thames flows through southern England.

What are you up to this weekend? I'm going to stay indoors; after a pretty hectic week I just want to crawl on to my couch, drink a glass of red wine, and read my favourite book (When Nietzsche Wept, by Irvin Yalom).

Have a lovely weekend (and a very happy Mother's Day)! xx

May 08, 2012

Oh, the French

The mille-feuille (thousand sheets) is a pastry originating in France. Traditionally is made up of three layers of puff pastry, and two layers of creme patissiere. The top layer is coated with a sprinkling of powdered sugar.
Lemon Mousse.
Almond French Pastry. (Almond miniature cake.)
Macarons. A macaron is a sweet meringue-based confectionery made with egg whites, icing sugar, almond powder, and food colouring. It is mildly moist and easily melts in the mouth.
French Buttery Flaky Croissant, named for its versatile shape. Crisp buttery outer layers and a soft interior make croissants melt in your mouth.
Tarte aux Myrtilles. (Blueberry Tart.)

Blueberries are by far my most favourite berries. I love their blue colour, their tiny size, and their great taste. There's definitely something about them that really appeals to me.
Ooh, la la! French desserts are just irresistible!

Well, I had such a sweet tooth, but about five years ago that changed drastically. That said I still crave a little something sweet, every now and then.
It is hard for many of us to envision a life without sugar of any kind. (Good for the people who can eat desserts and stop at one.)
I have to admit that I do not consider myself to have amazing self-control powers when it comes to eating, but I am very strong about not indulging in desserts, particularly after lunch.
Remember, self-discipline, my friends! It takes real effort and self-control, but the reward can last a lifetime.

No, I'm definitely not addicted to sweets. But every now and then, a girl deserves a little treat, right?

Do you like desserts? What is your favourite dessert? Can you resist sweets? xx

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May 04, 2012

Have a Great Weekend

I woke up this morning with a runny nose, then a while later started sneezing and now I have a stuffy nose, runny eyes, tiredness, look like heck...I don't get sick often, but when I do I hate it! So, I really need a break from blogging for a couple of days.
I actually feel like this...

I have turned off comments on this and hopefully will see you all soon. I need time away from the blog and e-mails to deal with my nasty cold.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friends! xx

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