August 22, 2009

An English Style House

I absolutely adore the English Style interior decoration. I really love a selection of furniture that reflects a combination of elegance and simplicity.
In order to have a fairly successful effect when it comes to English Interior Design for decorating your house all you need is wood furniture and several traditional English collectibles.
The English collectibles may include: Old China, lead crystal, silver, framed mirrors, a clock, and an abundance of framed pictures.
Here are some ideas for how to achieve a comfy English style decor in your house. English style emphasizes coziness and elegance. Make sure to achieve a look that is pleasantly cluttered.

Things you'll need:

Soft Cushy sofas.
Coffee tables.
End tables.
Cushy Easy chairs.
Wood furniture.
Traditional China base lamps.
A-traditional-style secretary.
Plenty of smart, playful cushions.
Loosely draped curtains (you can use a simple white fabric).
Some books and strings of beads placed possibly on a coffee table.
A purplish red foot stool, I love this colour, or in any colour you prefer.
Silver candlesticks and China blue and white dishes.
Silver plated pieces.
I, personally, like the English country style which is a cute, relaxed and comfortable style. xx                                                   


Emerson Merrick said...

i love blue and white plates! I have a ton!

Me said...

I really don't like the trhow pillows with the pictures on them. If you really want a picture in the living room then buy a painting. It also creates a little too much variety and constrast of color for my comfort.

dannyd said...

Great pictures! Hope you get a chance to check out some of my latest blog posts:

ritsa said...

English style so comfortable.I like
your photos.

michael said...

I love those photos!!!Writing simple. I think i love it.

Laura said...

What an amazing english style house!!!!

Betty Mann said...

Thank you so much for your comments.

athina said...

Amazing decoration!

alexandros said...

All so terrific!
i love your beautiful blog.

Home Is Where The Heart Is said...

I love your chairs!! And your secretary! Great combination of old and new furniture!

Petros said...


elena m said...

This is an elegant looking house.
I love this style too.
Good taste Betty!

Cheri Pryor said...

So here I go again with the love of the bronze sculpture. lol!! LOVE all the wonderful, colorful pillows on the couch. So comfy!

elizabeth said...

A handsome Dog Gentleman featured on the needlepoint pillow.

Harmonvjlp said...

All so terrific! i love your beautiful blog.