My Street Photography Approach


Early work, 2018. Here's a glimpse of my black and white photography, if you'd like to see...

Madness on the street.

"An economist by trade turned to passionate photographer by choice. I'm an adventurous spirit with a camera in hand. What I photograph is defined by what I believe in."

I'm primarily oriented to Street and Social Documentary Photography. Ever since I started Street photography, I was drawn to the high contrast work of Daido Moriyama. Also, my significant influence is from the movies. I think I bring my movie influences into my photography to create a style which is emotively dramatic, mysterious and insightful.
By making use of minimal amounts of whites and mid-tones, a lot of deep blacks and shadows, I try to create my black and white photos. I usually capture scenes of street life and urban spaces.
I have recently turned to the use of color.

On Street Photography:

I've always loved this genre, but it wasn't until recently that I actually started to get dedicated to Street Photography, in an attempt to preserve what time steals but photographs can save.
For me, street photography is ultimately liberating. Also, it's a great means to document urban life, tangible and intangible elements of a city, individuals or crowds in the street, and tell the stories behind the shapes and patterns of a particular place and moment in time. 

Parallel Fear. (Awarded work at the 2018 IPA International Photography Awards.)

On Visual Aesthetic: 

I try to always shoot with the intent of telling a story and I do want my images to provoke a strong emotional response in those who view them. 
I'm a firm believer that street photography undoubtedly effects our capacity to empathize; also, it can help us connect with people worldwide in that way. And that's so important. 

My early work is an examination of the street where enigmatic figures are always present. Back then I enjoyed using a semi-abstract approach in my street photography.

Conventionality (cliche's) is also something that I'm trying hard to avoid. My photographic vision focuses on capturing the essence of a person, the feeling, the spirit of urban spaces.
The truth is, for any given subject, there is no one composition, one perspective or story - rather there are probably any number of these elements that can work - the possibilities are endless...

I could see a shadow that looked like her.
Alone in the big city.