September 08, 2017

My Street Photography Approach

Here's a glimpse of my Street Photography (early work), if you'd like to see...

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street photo

I love Street and Documentary Photography.

On Street Photography:

I've always loved this genre, but it wasn't until late 2017 that I actually started to get dedicated to Street Photography, in an attempt to preserve what time steals but photographs can save.

To me, street photography is ultimately liberating. Also, it's a great means to document urban life, tangible and intangible elements of a city, individuals or crowds in the street, and tell the stories behind the shapes and patterns of a particular place and moment in time. 

Madness On the Street.

On Visual Aesthetic: 

"What I photograph is defined by what I believe in."

I try to always shoot with the intent of telling a story and I do want my images to provoke a strong emotional response in those who view them. 
I'm a firm believer that street photography undoubtedly effects our capacity to empathize; also, it can help us connect with people worldwide in that way. And that's so important. 
I tend to use a semi-abstract approach in my street photography (early work) where enigmatic figures are always present.

Conventionality (cliche's) is also something that I'm trying my hardest to steer away from. I need to pave my own path and my photographic vision focuses on capturing the essence of a person, the feeling, the spirit of urban spaces.
The truth is, for any given subject, there is no one composition, one perspective or story - rather there are probably any number of these elements that can work - the possibilities are endless. 
Lost In the Streets.
Alone in the Big City.

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