October 03, 2014

Looking for Some Crafty Inspiration?

 gorgeous bouquet of fabric flowers
A bunch of fabric flowers spotted at a charming little shop the other day. Gosh, don't they look lovely!
Fabulous fabric flowers.

Hey there! So these last few weeks have been hard and overwhelmingly filled with busyness and this week is no exception. But I thought I'd pause and...
share a few colourful shots of these beauties.

I normally go with "real" flowers and foliage, but it's not often realistic to have fresh flowers all the time. I think artificial flowers can look beautiful used sparingly. It looks like faux florals have come a long way. They make them so real these days it's sometimes hard to tell. These aren't our grandmother's plastic flowers anymore!:)

Freshly cut flowers are always nice - but handmade fabric flowers can be cherished forever!

fabulous fabric flowers collage
I think hydrangeas are the best in silk form because they do look real. 
Can you believe this is fabric!?

There are so many ways to make gorgeous bouquets of fabric flowers.
Looking for some crafty inspiration? Here's a wonderful DIY fabric flower bouquet tutorial.
I love yo-yo's!

It's been a busy week and I have been looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

Hope you have a great one! xx

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