April 03, 2015

A Bit of (Almost) Everything

spring flower

Unfolding petals of a ranunculus...

beautiful pink flower
Happy April!
Pink Lake Hillier in Australia. The Pink Lake. Amazing! Isn't it?
46 ways to decorate Easter eggs. Check out the massive collection of egg-decorating techniques over at Martha Stewart.
molten chocolate cake
Molten Chocolate Cake is about as perfect a dish you can imagine. Easy to make, pretty and very delicious. Click here if you're interested in the recipe and I think this cake will put you in chocolate heaven!

Noisli is a soothing background noise and colour generator ideal for working and relaxing. It's a website and app that lets you pick different high-quality sounds to play, including rain, white noise, crickets, and more.When you're trying to focus while working, or you're  struggling to relax and fall asleep, you might like Noisli. Try it out.

Southern end of Queensway outside Queensway tube station, London, UK.

Queensway is a bustling and noisy district in the Basewater area of west London. The area has many
ethnic-cuisine restaurants, hotels, pubs, and souvenir shops.
(Photo taken on our trip to London about 2 years ago.)

Where to live in London in 2015. (via noctismag.com)

15 ways to make your neighborhood better.

A song to kick off your weekend.

spring sprung purple flowers

Hope you have a wonderful weekend (and Happy Easter and Passover).

Lots of love. xx

(Photo of Lake Hillier by AndreaMaizzi, photo of Easter eggs via marthastewart.com)