January 19, 2016

Cheese & Crackers Serving Board with Appeal

When imaginative design meets solid construction.
elegant cheese serving board with appeal
{I was selected for this opportunity and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product for review purposes.}

My dears, have you heard of Uncommon Goods? They have beautiful, quirky products - like
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I love the fact that Uncommon Goods makes conscious efforts to fulfill its environmental and socially responsible mission statement.
Everyone loves a good cheese plate.

Let me just say, I have discovered their store a couple of months ago, and have used them to find creative gifts. Uncommon Goods has been my go-to shopping site for the past few months, and I would highly recommend them for unique gifts.

Recently, I was invited by Uncommon Goods to try one of their products. I only agree to these requests when it's something I would actually use. I am a sucker for stylish yet practical items.
So naturally, I was tickled to test this Cheese & Crackers Serving Board that Uncommon Goods sent me to review!

Features of the product/Benefits: 

I was pleasantly surprised by how handsome this Cheese Serving Board was. PHOTO ABOVE.  Perfect sized board and the wood quality is great (it was thicker than I expected, which was a nice bonus;).
What a wonderful gift idea for the cheese lover in the house!

My serving boards are one of my most used and beloved home items. They are great for parties or for entertaining or just to have around the house. While every home is different, I think this is one of those things that every home should have.
I am very fond of this Cheese Board - functional, solid construction, wonderfully designed and an asset to any kitchen. I love that the Cheese & Crackers Serving Board adds an elegant twist to the conventional cheese board.
It's beautiful, and would add nice decoration to any tabletop or counter (when it's not in use) - ideal to show off with when having guests around. It is also highly durable, and great for serving cheese, cold cuts, crackers, chips, dips and other favorite finger foods.
Serving Boards like this will last ages and look really good.

Practical details:

Speedy delivery and great packaging.

What a brilliant way to serve cheese or deli-meats! Made from Northern American maple, this Cheese Board makes a particularly attractive gift for any cheese lover!
For those seeking creativity, the right serving of cheese matters.
I love that it can function as decoration when it's not in use.

If you've been looking for a good quality, versatile design, beautiful home gift or Valentine/Anniversary present, the Cheese & Crackers Serving Board is a fabulous choice.

*Best way to present this:
With a glass of wine and a serving of his/her favorite fruit.

Now I'm off to wrap it up with some great stinky cheeses and crackers!;)

You can find this fashionable Cheese & Crackers Serving Board and other beautiful products at Uncommon Goods. I definitely recommend checking their shopping site out for even more creative, fun gift ideas.

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