September 23, 2016

Five Fun Things

7 common mistakes to avoid when making pizza.

Happy Friday! Long week and I'm glad it's over! It's the weekend, so take a moment to sit back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life!

Hope you have a good one. xx

Optical Illusion: Vanishing dots or twelve black dots illusion by Michael Bach. Really cool! This is not a gif, so try to see them all at the same time. Here is a great explanation.
Found on CircleCount.
Benefits of drinking coffee.

Retirement is one great big giant coffee break.
~Author Unknown
August 30, 1998. The first Google Doodle was the 'Burning Man Festival' symbol.
kitchen countertop styling
A simple idea for countertop styling that looks good and is functional, too: Decorate your kitchen with fruits and vegetables. And try keep things simple. Put a bunch of fresh fruits in a crystal container and display them on your kitchen countertop. A few fresh lemons in a glass jar would look lovely by themselves.

(Optical Illusion by Michael Bach via CircleCount on Google Plus.)