November 18, 2016

Nature-inspired Thanksgiving Centerpiece... ensure a beautiful seasonal display. This table arrangement works perfectly for a quick and easy Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

'My philosophy is keep it simple.' For a Holiday table centerpiece you cannot go wrong with natural objects. Seasonal fruits, berries, acorn and other nuts, are all plentiful this time of year and can be used for a variety of things - the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination and creativity. These look very festive sitting around your home as well and set the mood for Thanksgiving dinner. Incorporating natural items works well in both contemporary and traditional settings. Also, using candles will instantly cozy up the place and help give your decor more warmth.

DIY Nature-Inspired Thanksgiving Arrangement: Candle Centerpiece

For a nature-inspired table arrangement: Use white or ivory candles of different sizes. Place them on your Thanksgiving dinning table or coffee table. Just gather nuts or fruit and layer in a clear glass vase around a pretty candle. Save a few nuts to scatter near your display.
Switch in ornaments and sprigs of evergreen to keep it on your table into December.

For safety, never leave a burning candle untended.

I hope this idea might inspire you to try something different this year. Have a beautiful weekend! xx