December 09, 2016

Inspired by...

Happy Friday! I can't believe that Christmas is a mere two weeks away. Oh yes! It is the most...
wonderful time of the year - but also one of the most stressful! If you're anything like me, it's more than certain that there will be a last minute rush buying for gifts, decorations, and food for the perfect Christmas dinner.
Today I'm sharing some things that inspired me this week. I hope you find these things as inspiring as I find them.

Have a great weekend! xx

It's Christmas time, and that means it's time to get crafty! How to fold a napkin into a Christmas tree.
Easy ways to reduce holiday stress.
This stunning photo by Dirk Rosin is helping to inspire me.  
It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! I love the smell of evergreen...especially during the holiday season. 
Delicious Cinnamon Ornaments. You can hang these on your walls or on your Christmas tree. (Found on Pinterest.)
"No one should have no one at Christmas."
"For crying out loud, another turd?"

(Photo of the napkin via Tesco Living, Cartoon via The New Yorker Magazine.)