June 26, 2020

Keeping Active and Connected

So the other day I decided to leave my house to take a walk around my neighborhood. Just wanted to breath in the fresh air since the weather is quite lovely. Had to cross to the other side of the street whenever I saw someone coming. This used to be rude; now it's good manners because now there's an etiquette.
As I walked, I noticed a lovely bougainvillea blooming along the street.

I also made a list of activities I can engage in; like cooking, reading books, watching movies, getting around to the chores I've put off, going online to find inspirational photography videos, and going outside to exercise.
It just helps me to clear my mind and just relax. I dare you to try it.

It's okay to feel anxious during these difficult times of Covid-19. Keeping active and connected has never been more essential.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx


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