July 03, 2020

Socializing at a Distance

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Summertime is upon us, and with the ongoing pandemic I've been figuring out how to connect with friends while trying to stay safe. In fact, I'm craving for interactions with close friends.

So I compiled a list of social-distancing get-together ideas and things to do this summer season.

Social-Distancing Get-Together Ideas

. Spend time at a park.

.Take a family picnic.

. Go for a long hike.

. Organize social-distancing hikes with friends.

. Go for a nature walk.

. Trips to the beach (bringing a large blanket to make staying apart easier).

. Take a Staycation.

That way you've got your social distance and socialize safely!

When the world feels like too much, stop and breath. Relax your mind. Listen to the sound of the ocean, enjoy the light breeze...
I know it will be a different kind of summer this year, but there are still ways to get plenty of fun in the sun. I secretly love summer.

Have a lovely weekend! Happy 4th of July to my American fellow bloggers and readers! xx

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