August 18, 2017

Dog Is Man's Best Friend

Dogs are notable for being loyal, patient, and capable of pure love. There's a saying that goes " Life is great...dogs make it better."

"The reason I dedicate myself to helping animals so much is because they are already so many people dedicated to hurting them."
~ Author unknown

Needless to say, I'm against animal cruelty and believe animals should be treated respectably as if they are also humans. No matter their size, every animal matters.
Below are a few links about animals that I find them quite interesting. Hope you find them interesting too!
little cute pup

Note: So saddened to hear about this terrible news. My heart is breaking for the people in Barcelona. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the terrible attack in this beautiful city.

Stay safe and have a good weekend! xx

Some of the most tear-jerking stories of dog's loyalty and friendship.

Does your dog or cat actually love you?

10 Signs you are a hopeless animal lover.

My blogging friend Sandra of Mad Snapper is a huge dog-lover and pretty awesome!

IHeart Dogs

Linking to Saturday's Critters.

August 11, 2017

When Outstanding Photography Meets Vision

I'm thrilled to have linked to a remarkable street photographer today, Karolina Trapp! Karolina is astoundingly talented. Her voice is original and unique. She is an absolute inspiration!

I am totally and utterly in love with Karolina Trapp's gorgeous photography and...

August 04, 2017

Hello August + Have a Beautiful Weekend!

Happy August! So, summertime can naturally enhance my mood and make me feel happy. It's the season completely devoted to leisure and good times with friends and family.
For many, the month of August is...
the last chance to sneak in one final summer vacation before the lazy days slip away.

Okay, folks, let's make the most of this month before the warm weather draws to a close.

Hope you have a great weekend! xx

Finally August! Hot weather, lovely sunsets, beach, fun, ice cream, poolside smoothies, beachy hair, abundance of fruit, summer vacations, hay meadows...

When the dog days of summer tempt you to grab whatever cold liquid might be handy.

(Beachy Hair photo via Pinterest.)

July 21, 2017

Embrace Your Age

Here at Cut and Dry we believe life only gets sweeter with age. Well, as I get older, I tend to recall blissful times of the past in "vivid colors". In fact, my brain seems to be wired to remember the good times.
Growing old doesn't have to bring discomfort and disability, studies show. It is true as we enter middle age and beyond, there's certainly going to be some changes that occur with getting older; we certainly experience a number of major life changes, including retirement, kids leaving home, and physical changes, but it doesn't have to mean you're not going to feel good anymore. How we handle and grow from these changes is the key to staying healthy.

As I get older I seem to be better at controlling my emotions, better at accepting misfortune and less prone to anger. In other words, I seem to get happier as I grow older.

Don't dread aging. Getting older has its benefits:

-You no longer worry what others think. "You can't please all the people all the time.

-"Growing old is great - when you consider the alternative", as the saying goes.

-The many discounts that are available to seniors.

-Older people grow better at living for the present, studies have shown.

Of course everyone has different ways of experiencing happiness and joy, but if you're not sure where to get started, here are some ways you can make yourself even happier as you age:

1. Embrace age. Recognize and accept the aging process and all that goes with it as a necessary part of the human condition; it happens to us all. One of the best ways to embrace aging is to do what you love.

2. Learn something new every single day (i.e. a foreign language, a new game, try out a new cooking recipe). 

3. Find new things you enjoy. Try some new activities to keep your interest alive. If age prevents you from engaging in the activities you've enjoyed in the past, find a new one.

4. Spend time with friends and family. Feeling connected no doubt can increase our contentment with our lives. Even if you are not close by, call or email frequently to keep relationships fresh.

5. Stay fit - Stay physically active. It doesn't mean you have to "live" at the gym. Even taking walks or doing balancing exercises can help. In fact, walking is one of the best ways to stay fit. It's never too late to start! No matter how old you are, keeping your body in motion has enormous benefits that will help you boost your mood, stay active, sharpen your memory, and give you energy.
Mild activities such as walking, stretching activities such as Yoga or anything to keep moving can improve your flexibility (as our muscles tend to stiffen when we are not active), strength and balance.
(A new Harvard study found that adding light exercises to your routine can make you over 25 percent less likely to become disabled.)

5. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for both the body and the mind. It helps you stay balanced, energetic, and healthy (at any age).

6. Wear brightly-colored clothes you associate with happiness. 

7. Enjoy Life's Little Pleasures.

Bottom line: "One doesn't stop smiling as one grows old; one grows old by losing the talent to appreciate humor."

Hope you have a great weekend! xx

P.S. I'm not ashamed to admit that I used to be afraid of growing old...not anymore. Over the years, I have come to realize that age is really just a number, and that it's how you look at things that really matter the most.

(Photo via Pinterest.)

The Aging Paradox: The older we get, the happier we are.

June 23, 2017

June 16, 2017

Hello, I'm Back!

Hello! I'm back from a two-month blogging break, which was by far the longest break that I've taken since starting Cut and Dry eight years ago, holy smokes. It has been forever since I've written a post and I apologize but it's not because I didn't want to post.

For the last two months I was having some difficult personal circumstances. I can't go into any detail on this because it's important that I respect the privacy of other people in my personal life.

Anyway, I've missed you! And I have so much to share with you. And I'm happy to be back!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads, dads-to-be, and dads at heart out there.

Hope you're having a wonderful month. xx