June 05, 2015

My Happiness Toolbox

Everyone has their own definition of happiness. For me, it's the little things in daily life that make me happy. These little things/moments give me a genuine feeling of happiness. So, I've put together a list of 16 things that bring me true happiness to share with you in the hope that...
they will be useful in your own search for happiness.

So, what's in my personal happiness toolbox?

One of my favourite happiness tools is...

* Waking up and realizing it is a beautiful day.

* An extra half an hour to snooze in bed.

* Watching the sunset.

* Taking time for creativity and photography. (It actually has become a huge tool in my happiness toolbox.)

* Watching a good movie.

* Eating healthy and trying out new meal ideas. (I have a confession. I spend more time watching cooking shows than actually cooking!;)

* Going out for a walk in nature and taking my camera along.

* Exercise/Physical activity. (One of the most effective tools for increasing our happiness level.)

* Spending time with family and friends.

* Cuddle time with my cat.

* A nice cup of coffee in the morning. (Ah, that first sip is pure bliss!)

* Getting lost in a good book.

* Spending time each day relaxing with a cup of tea.

* Taking a long, hot bubble bath.

* Spending some time with pets or animals in general.

* Enjoying and celebrating life itself. (In a world full of greed and power, it's refreshing to be reminded that life is simply meant to be lived.)

Skinny jeans make you happier (according to this study at least).

Be blissful!

Hope you have a beautiful, relaxing weekend. xx

(Cartoon by Bill Watterson)

P.S. To be honest, I constantly remind myself of how far I have come. Even if I am not where I want to be yet, the truth is, I've still made a lot of progress.