December 22, 2017

Sweet Childhood Memories + Happy Holidays!

For some reason Christmastime always makes me feel nostalgic. At this time of year I tend to recall Christmases of the past, perhaps those of happier times. December brings back some of the most cherished memories of my childhood with my family.

I loved Christmas morning growing up. Thankfully we were never disappointed on Christmas Day morning. On Christmas Eve, my siblings and I used to put our little stockings under the tree. So, you can bet how excited my siblings and I were when we awoke to find a piece of candy, coins, fruit and nuts in them. Dad would tell us that Santa had left them, and that he was watching to make sure we were being good.

I remember we would all decorate the Christmas tree together and put a yellow star on the top of the tree. I remember driving around looking at twinkling lights, and the big family Christmas meal. My siblings and I continue this tradition to this day.

As an adult, I look back happily on our traditions with a smile. I really miss that last one, since my parents are no longer here on this earth. We all have people we miss during the holidays...parents, grandparents, siblings, friends. In the end, the message of Christmases past is clear; it is the people we celebrate the holidays with that matters most.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas! However you spend this time of year, I hope it's filled with warmth and joy. Let the spirit of Christmas bring happiness in your life always. Thank you so much for your continued support and have a wonderful, restful holiday and a happy New Year!
Lots of love. xx

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