January 10, 2020

A Bit of Luxury

{Marina Bay Sands Hotel Infinite pool, Singapore. Located on the 57th floor, this pool offers fantastic views of Singapore financial area and if you swim up to the pool's edge, it looks like you're about to fall off the top of the world.}

Hope you all had a good start to the New Year! I hope 2020 brings you good health and happiness, and the fulfilling life that you all deserve.

Recently, I stumbled upon this picture of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel infinite pool while browsing the internet and thought I'd share it with you.
I wish I could afford to stay in this incredible hotel and treat myself to a bit of luxury someday, but my bank account doesn't allow for things like this.
In the meantime, I imagine myself floating in this amazing rooftop pool. Lol!

Hope you have an adventurous weekend! xx

(Photo via Marina Bay Sands Hotel.)