February 07, 2020

When Magic Meets Photography

Hello everybody! I hope it's been a wonderful week! So I've been busying myself with work and lots of wonderful photo walks. 

Well, I'm excited to have linked to a very talented photographer today, George Natsioulis!
I am totally and utterly in love with his exquisite, magical and dreamlike work.

Before I started writing this post I thought to myself, how much I admire George. His style is captivating, almost painterly and gorgeous. 
George Natsioulis was born in Larissa, Greece and dealt with photography from the age of 15. His work is essentially focus on street, minimal, and product photography. He also loves geometry and geometric shapes in his photography.

Natsioulis has the ability to not only capture the reality of the cityscape, but also the mood, evoking real emotion in each picture. The colors are dreamy, the perspective is brilliant, the story in each photo grabs me each time. Just looking at George Natsioulis' photographs can make us feel calm and serene. His photos are soft and peaceful, they almost always depict an uncluttered scene and convey a sense of harmony and balance to the viewer. 

It is impossible not to fall in love with George Natsioulis work; once you look at his enchanting images you will know from that very moment that you will be a fan of his stunning photography.

More about George Natsioulis:


Hope you have a great weekend! xx